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How happy when we really have what we have. How many people own property, inhabit the house or driving a vehicle on behalf of "instead of" its own: it is the name of a promissory paper.

How many people chasing possession, but in his hand was a loan. And, it seems now everything related to accounts payable to be so easy to come by. We really should be grateful, because with a lot of people can achieve a better quality of life.

However, it is not the same for the benefit of the loan with the loan ensnare life. Much more fun when you are freed from the bondage of debt. Much more liberating when you have what you have. Consider whether you are seeking to improve your life or make it worse. Indeed, we owe entirely to this life, but the life we never collect on.

Insurance Industry Prospects 2013

Fitch Ratings global ranking institutions assess the prospects for both the life insurance and losses in 2013 will stabilize at a sustainable premium income and strengthening regulations that support the industry.

As quoted by the Asia Insurance Review, Fitch has provided an assessment of a stable outlook for the insurance industry in 2013. It is driven by the increasing prosperity in the world, which is very less market penetration, and increasing awareness of the risk of catastrophe.

The impact of the minimum capital policy, the number of players because the insurance industry will shrink smaller and weaker will join with other companies to meet the new capital requirements or forced out of the market. Over the long term, this will help insurance companies develop a greater awareness of the risks and enhance their ability to manage capital resources.

Fitch also considered foreign ownership in the world market could rise because of the growth of the insurance market in the United States, Japan and South Korea are fast.

However, Fitch noted it is still negative as the insurance industry's growth prospects in the world that is plagued with limited institutional transparency, minimal public disclosure, and risk management needs to be strengthened. Fitch, however, believe that stakeholders in the insurance industry will improve by strengthening regulatory requirements and increasing interest of foreign investors.

In addition, Fitch also notes the industry emphasizes stable outlook may come under pressure from potential catastrophe losses due to risk reduction.

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